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Ben Hartman, author of The Lean Farm, shows the proper way to stake and weave tomatoes for any determinant variety. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and visit for more information.
Lean methods for growing rhubarb are covered by Ben Hartman "The Lean Farmer". Ben covers how to plant, how to grow, how to care, and how to harvest your rhubarb crop.

How to Transplant Tomatoes. 5-6' between rows of tomatoes. We plant into bare soil so we can sidedress them with compost later.

Ben Hartman, author of The Lean Farm, teaches how to grow delcious Hakurei Turnips that sell. How shows how to get them to market early in colder climates. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Visit
Planting between tomatoes video: This greenhouse is heated to 60F once we transplant tomatoes Other crops we grow between tomatoes include: spring onions, green beans, radishes, turnips, and romaine-basically any quick crop that we plan to pull out once tomatoes need more room. It is important to leave at least 18" between tomatoes and the "aisleway" crops.

Ben Hartman presents how to stop aphids from killing your pepper crop by using beneficial insects (e.g., Green Lacewing eggs). Too much N attracts aphids Tip: It's best to release beneficial insects in the evening to avoid direct sunlight.

The Lean Farm Method of Growing Peppers in a Greenhouse. Ben teaches how to grow peppers and provides tips about watering, germination, transplanting, and more.

Two leader trellising system Tomatoes planted every 9 inches. Rows are spaced 5-6 feet apart. Spring crops are planted between rows of tomatoes with salad mix, romaine, spinach, and green beans. A leader is different than a stem, because it can produce a fruit. Some dominant leaders emerge after 3-4 weeks after transplanting.

A segment sample from Ben's Tomato Masterclass video. Covers step #1--seeding. Click below to purchase the complete course.

A video of Ben transplanting with the paperpot transplanter and explaining how we use the system on our farm. For a full explanation, see the PDF called Ben's Paperpot Cheat Sheet link below.

Our greenhouse-within-the-greenhouse concept by Ben Hartman. Design considerations are revealed. Tips and tricks in optimizing the performance of a greenhouse-within-a-greenhouse. The features and benefits of a miniature greenhouse are explained. Learn how to increase your efficiency with a mini greenhouse. Links:

Greenhouse tips for ventilation

Here is how and why we bottom water instead of overhead water our seedlings.
A video introducing The Lean Farm, a book by Ben Hartman and published by Chelsea Green Publishing in 2015. The book tells the story of how Clay Bottom Farm used lean concepts to boost profits with less work and it describes how any farm can use the system.

Ben shares some ideas on how to improve your greenhouse's performance.