Praise for Ben’s Lean Farming Methods

Ben Hartman’s mindset and approach to lean farming is really important for all farmers to learn and understand—from beginners to veterans, on both small scale and large scale farms alike. Not only is Ben a good educator, but he is a kind soul. And the world needs more kind souls!
— Ray Tyler, Rose Creek Farms
Ben Hartman is a true innovator for the small farm.
— Curtis Stone
Farming is not JUST a business, but it’s still a business, and Hartman’s application of Toyota’s efficiency principles to the farm is nothing short of profound.
— Joel Saletin
Everyone strives for efficiency in vegetable farming, but Ben Hartman has actually achieved it.
— Lynn Byczynscki, author of Market Farming Success and founder of Growing for Market magazine
Ben Hartman is diversified farming’s Dean of Lean. He walks the talk ... Lean is the epitome of efficiency an essential ingredient of any successful farm.
— Richard Wiswall