Ben Hartman's appearances this year:

Honolulu Hawaii, August 29-30, 2017, Hawaii Agricultural Conference

Seattle, WA, December 1, 2017, Focus on Farming Conference

Selmer, TN, November 27-29, 2017, Market Gardener Tool Summit

Millersburg, OH, January 11, 2018, Mid-Ohio Growers Meeting

Traverse City, MI, January 26-27, 2018 Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference

Nashville, TN, March 25, 2018, Lean Enterprise Institute Summit


The Lean Farm, a book by Ben Hartman and published by Chelsea Green Publishing in 2015. The book tells the story of how Clay Bottom Farm used lean concepts to boost profits with less work and it describes how any farm can use the system.

The most important book about market farming to come along in many years!
— Lynn Byczynski, editor of Growing for Market magazine
The Lean Farm should be dissected, digested, and discussed—then applied—on every single farm: big or small, wholesale or retail, livestock or produce. It would make all farms more profitable, productive, and pleasurable.
— Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farm, author of You Can Farm

More about Rachel and Ben

We are an artisan farm located 7 miles east of Goshen, Indiana. Our community-supported agriculture (CSA) program gives you fresh food from a local farm every week.

There are just the two of us and I haven’t spent much time in the kitchen. Your lovely greens have given me a reason. Thank You.
— Roberta ( Bobbie ) Wilson, 2012 CSA customer